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Women Lacrosse Training Course by Mr. Chris Jinno APLU


Women's Lacrosse Training Camp: A Deep Dive into Skills and Strategy

In January 2024, a women's lacrosse training camp in Pakistan empowered players with a comprehensive skillset, thanks to the collaboration of Mr. Chris Jinno, Executive Director of APLU (Asia Pacific Lacrosse Union), and the Pakistan Lacrosse Federation. The camp catered to players of various skill levels, offering a structured program that honed fundamental techniques while introducing advanced tactics.

Building Blocks of Success:

  • Ball Passing & Catching Drills: The cornerstone of any successful lacrosse player is exceptional ball handling. The camp emphasized this through various drills focusing on accuracy, hand positioning, communication, and overall ball control. Players practiced with partners, honed solo juggling skills, and utilized wall work to develop a smooth and consistent passing motion.
  • Cradling Drills: A secure cradle allows players to maintain possession while running or dodging defenders. Drills focused on developing a smooth and controlled cradle, allowing players to move freely and maintain offensive options. Coaches likely introduced different cradling techniques for various situations, such as high cradles for speed and low cradles for protection.

Offensive and Defensive Strategies Come Alive:

  • Offense and Defense Drills: The camp delved into offensive and defensive tactics, equipping players for both sides of the field. Drills likely included offensive cutting (moving towards the goal to create scoring opportunities), clearing techniques (moving the ball out of the defensive zone), drawing defenders (creating space for teammates), setting picks (creating an offensive screen with your body), footwork for agility and change of direction, body positioning for defense, stick checks (disrupting an opponent's possession with the stick within the rules), and zone defense principles (covering specific areas of the field).

Sharpening the Shooting Edge:

  • Ball Shooting Drills: Scoring goals is the ultimate objective, and the camp honed players' shooting accuracy. Drills focused on proper shooting form, power generation, and aiming for high-percentage shots from various distances and positions. Players likely practiced shooting on the run, simulating game situations, and incorporating fakes and dodges to create scoring opportunities.

Ground Ball Battles:

  • Ball Picking Drills: Ground balls are a crucial aspect of the game, and the camp equipped players with the skills to excel in these battles. Drills likely emphasized quick reactions, proper scooping technique with the lacrosse stick's net, and securing ground balls in contested situations. Players may have practiced drills that simulated pressured situations with multiple players competing for loose balls.

Advanced Technique Development:

  • Ball Handling Drills: These drills aimed to elevate players' overall ball control, allowing them to maneuver with fluidity and avoid turnovers. Drills might have incorporated stick fakes (deceptive movements to mislead defenders), behind-the-back cradles (cradling the ball behind the back for better protection or to create surprise attacks), and quick changes of direction to evade defenders.

Mastering the Game's Nuances:

  • Lacrosse Sixes Rules and Regulations: The camp offered a dedicated session on Lacrosse Sixes, a fast-paced and exciting variation of the traditional game played with six players per side. Players learned the specific rules, regulations, and strategies associated with this format, allowing them to adapt their skills for a different style of play.
  • Penalties and Fouls: Understanding penalties and fouls is essential for fair play and avoiding unnecessary disadvantages. The camp likely covered various penalties, their consequences, and how to avoid them through proper technique and sportsmanship. This might have included illegal holds (restricting an opponent's movement), slashing (swinging the stick at an opponent in a dangerous manner), illegal cradling (holding the ball in the stick illegally), pushing/tripping (using illegal physical contact to impede an opponent), and infractions within the crease.

Demystifying the Lacrosse Field:

  • The Crease: Players learned about the crease, the semi-circular area around the opponent's goal, where contact rules are stricter. This included understanding legal and illegal crease clears (removing the ball from the defensive zone) and restricted contact within the crease to protect the goal keeper.
  • Playing Rules: The camp covered the fundamental rules of women's lacrosse, such as out-of-bounds play (when the ball goes out of bounds), face-offs (the restart of play after a stoppage), controlled restarts (awarded penalties that restart play), and stalling violations (holding the ball for too long without attempting to score).
  • Stick Check and Body Check: Players learned the proper techniques for legal stick checks and the limitations of body checking within the rules. This likely included instruction on proper stick positioning and controlled movements for stick checks, as well as shoulder-to-shoulder contact limitations for body checks to ensure player safety.
  • Other Penalties: The camp likely covered additional penalties like illegal holds (restricting an opponent's movement),


  • 8 Sections
  • 13 Lessons
  • 13 Quizzes
  • 8h Duration
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Introduction to Lacrosse
1 Lesson1 Quiz
  1. Lacrosse 1: A Journey Through Time (Introduction to Lacrosse)
  2. Introduction to Lacrosse
Lacrosse Ground/Field & Lacrosse Equipment
2 Lessons2 Quizzes
  1. Lesson 2: Women's Lacrosse Field: Your Playing Arena
  2. Quiz 2: Women's Lacrosse Field: Your Playing Arena
  3. Lesson 3: Women's Lacrosse Equipment: Gearing Up for Success
  4. Quiz 3: Women's Lacrosse Equipment: Gearing Up for Success
Building Lacrosse Essential Skills
3 Lessons3 Quizzes
  1. Lesson 4: Women's Lacrosse: Mastering Ball Passing & Catching
  2. Quiz 4: Women's Lacrosse: Mastering Ball Passing & Catching
  3. Lesson 5: Women's Lacrosse: Mastering the Cradle - Drills for Secure and Smooth Ball Control
  4. Quiz 5: Women's Lacrosse: Mastering the Cradle
  5. Lesson 6: Women's Lacrosse: Advanced Ball Handling Drills - Evasion and Control Mastery
  6. Quiz 6: Women's Lacrosse: Advanced Ball Handling Drills - Evasion and Control Mastery
Offensive and Defensive Strategies
2 Lessons2 Quizzes
  1. Lesson 7: Women's Lacrosse: Offensive Arsenal - Drills for Cutting, Clearing, Picks, and Dodging
  2. Quiz 7: Women's Lacrosse: Offensive Arsenal
  3. Lesson 8: Women's Lacrosse: Defensive Domination - Drills for Footwork, Body Positioning, Stick Checks, and Zone Defense
  4. Quiz 8: Women's Lacrosse: Defensive Domination
Sharpening Your Shot
1 Lesson1 Quiz
  1. Lesson 9: Women's Lacrosse: Shooting, Sharpening Your Shot - Drills for Technique, Power, and Accuracy
  2. Quiz 9: Women's Lacrosse: Sharpening Your Shot
Ground Ball Battles
1 Lesson1 Quiz
  1. Lesson 10: Women's Lacrosse: Ground Ball Mastery - Drills for Quick Reactions and Secure Scoops
  2. Quiz 10: Women's Lacrosse: Ground Ball Mastery
Mastering the Game's Nuances
2 Lessons2 Quizzes
  1. Lesson 11: Women's Lacrosse Sixes Rules Regulations: Mastering the Fast-Paced Game
  2. Quiz 11: Women's Lacrosse Sixes: Mastering the Fast-Paced Game
  3. Lesson 12: Lacrosse: Navigating the Rules and Avoiding Penalties
  4. Quiz 12: Lacrosse: Navigating the Rules and Avoiding Penalties
Goal Keeping
1 Lesson1 Quiz
  1. Women's Lacrosse: The Guardian of the Net - Mastering Goalkeeping
  2. Quiz 13: Women's Lacrosse: The Guardian of the Net

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