Empowering through Lacrosse: A Comprehensive Overview of the

Lacrosse Training Camp for Athletes

at Kunj Stadium, Abbottabad from 20-24 January 2024.

Introduction: The Lacrosse Training Camp held at Kunj Stadium Abbottabad from January 20 to 24, 2024, heralded a new era for lacrosse in Pakistan. This report provides an in-depth examination of the training sessions conducted by Mr. Chris Jinno, Executive Director of the Asia Pacific Lacrosse Union, during this transformative event.

Training Camp Objectives: The primary objectives of the Lacrosse Training Camp were to instill foundational skills, techniques, and a deep understanding of the sport among the ninety female athletes representing different regions and clubs across Pakistan.

Training Sessions Overview: Mr. Chris Jinno’s training sessions were meticulously planned to cover various aspects of lacrosse, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience for the participants. The sessions were divided into two key components: theoretical understanding and practical application.

Theoretical Sessions:

1.           Introduction to Lacrosse: The theoretical sessions commenced with an introduction to lacrosse, its origin, rules, and the evolving role of women in the sport.

2.           Strategy and Tactics: Athletes delved into the strategic aspects of lacrosse, learning about offensive and defensive tactics, team dynamics, and effective game strategies.

3.           Equipment Knowledge: A detailed explanation of lacrosse equipment, including sticks, balls, and protective gear, was provided. Participants gained insights into the importance of proper equipment selection and maintenance.

4.           Fitness and Conditioning: Theoretical sessions also covered the significance of fitness and conditioning tailored specifically for lacrosse players. Emphasis was placed on endurance, agility, and strength training.

Practical Sessions:

1.           Basic Techniques: Participants underwent hands-on training for fundamental techniques, such as catching, throwing, and cradling. These sessions formed the bedrock of lacrosse skills development.

2.           Positional Play: Mr. Chris Jinno conducted specialized drills focusing on positional play, helping athletes understand their roles in different game scenarios.

3.           Offensive Drills: Athletes engaged in offensive drills, honing their shooting, dodging, and scoring techniques under the guidance of Mr. Chris. This fostered a competitive spirit among participants.

4.           Defensive Drills: Defensive strategies were a focal point, with participants learning essential skills like checking, marking opponents, and intercepting passes.

5.           Speed and Agility Drills: Specialized drills were designed to enhance participants’ speed, agility, and overall athleticism, ensuring they were well-prepared for the dynamic nature of lacrosse.

6.           Endurance and Enhancement: Participants underwent rigorous training to improve their endurance levels, crucial for sustained performance during lacrosse matches. Enhancement drills focused on refining specific lacrosse-related movements.

Instructor-Participant Interaction: Mr. Chris Jinno’s teaching style, characterized by interactivity and humor, facilitated effective learning. Athletes responded positively to his engaging sessions, creating an environment where learning was not only educational but also enjoyable.

Impact and Significance: The detailed training sessions left a lasting impact on the participants, equipping them with essential lacrosse skills and knowledge. The emphasis on both theoretical understanding and practical application ensured a holistic learning experience.

Mr. Chris Jinno’s Address: Mr. Chris Jinno commended the efforts of the Pakistan Lacrosse Federation (PLF) and praised the significance of introducing lacrosse in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He lauded the PLF’s commitment to promoting sports and women’s empowerment through lacrosse. Highlighting the importance of the training camp, Mr. Chris emphasized the foundational role it played in establishing lacrosse in Pakistan.

Training Camp Participation: Ninety female athletes participated in the training camp, representing different regions and clubs. The diverse participation showcased the widespread interest and commitment to learning lacrosse. The training camp aimed not only to impart technical skills but also to foster a sense of camaraderie among the athletes.

Closing Ceremony: The closing ceremony, graced by Justice Retired Irshad Qaiser, Honorable Minister for Social Prisons, Relief, Rehabilitation, and Settlement, marked the culmination of four days of intensive training. Distinguished guests included Mr. Chris Jinno, Syed Azhar Ali Shah, President Pakistan Cycling Federation, and Mr. Tariq Mehmood, Ex Director General Sports Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Minister’s Remarks: Justice Retired Irshad Qaiser, the chief guest, distributed souvenirs and certificates to the athletes who received training. In her address, she acknowledged the pioneering efforts of PLF and the symbolic importance of introducing lacrosse with a women’s training camp. The minister praised Engrt. Taifoor Zarin for his dedication to promoting women’s empowerment through sports.

Engrt. Taifoor Zarin’s Speech: Engrt. Taifoor Zarin expressed gratitude to his team for their tireless efforts in organizing the training camp. He thanked Mr. Shoaib Nizami, President PLF, and Sports in Pakistan for their financial support along with Mr. Chris Jinno executive Director APLU and TJ Buchanan Director of Sports World Lacrosse for trusting Pakistan Lacrosse Federation and giving us the oppurtunity to learn lacrosse from the best Mr. Chris Jinno who was exceptional at his job and everyone absolutely loved his trainings. Engrt. Taifoor reiterated the commitment to empower women, especially from backward areas, using lacrosse as a means of promotion and empowerment.

Importance of Lacrosse in Empowering Women: Throughout the event, the focus remained on the empowerment of women through lacrosse. Engrt. Taifoor Zarin, in his speech, highlighted the socio-economic challenges in his hometown of Peshawar and underscored lacrosse as a powerful tool to uplift women. The Minister and Mr. Chris Jinno echoed the sentiment, emphasizing the role lacrosse plays in promoting equality and providing equal opportunities to women.

Conclusion: The Lacrosse Training Camp at Kunj Stadium Abbottabad, under the expert guidance of Mr. Chris Jinno, not only laid the foundation for lacrosse in Pakistan but also empowered female athletes with a profound understanding of the sport. The success of the training sessions underscores the potential of lacrosse as a catalyst for positive change and women’s empowerment in the country.

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