Under the dynamic leadership of Muhammad Usman Khan, Secretary General of the Punjab Lacrosse Association, a comprehensive training camp for women lacrosse players has been initiated. The purpose of this camp is to prepare a competitive team for the upcoming 1st National Women Lacrosse Championship, scheduled to be held from January 20-24, 2024, at Kunj Stadium, Abbottabad.

Training Venue:

The training camp is being conducted at the Oval ground and the university block of Shalimar College in Lahore. These venues provide ample space and facilities required for a rigorous lacrosse training program.


Training Curriculum:

A total of 35 enthusiastic women have actively participated in the training camp, showcasing their dedication to learning and excelling in the sport of lacrosse. The participants come from diverse backgrounds, contributing to the overall inclusivity and representation within the training program.

The training curriculum has been meticulously designed to cover all aspects of lacrosse, ensuring that participants acquire a comprehensive skill set. The focus areas include:

  1. Basic Lacrosse Rules and Regulations: Participants are familiarized with the rules and regulations governing lacrosse, ensuring a clear understanding of the game.
  2. Stick Handling and Passing Techniques: Emphasis is placed on mastering the fundamental skills of stick handling, passing, and receiving the ball, which form the core of lacrosse proficiency.
  3. Offensive and Defensive Strategies: In-depth sessions are conducted to impart knowledge of offensive and defensive strategies, enabling players to make informed decisions on the field.
  4. Goalkeeping Techniques: Specialized training is provided for goalkeepers to enhance their skills in shot-stopping, positioning, and distribution.
  5. Team Coordination and Communication: Team-building exercises and communication drills are integrated to foster effective coordination among team members.
  6. Fitness and Endurance Training: Physical conditioning forms an integral part of the camp, focusing on building stamina, agility, and overall fitness required for lacrosse.

Training Camp Achievements:

The women lacrosse training camp, under the guidance of Muhammad Usman Khan, has witnessed commendable progress. Participants have exhibited significant improvement in their skills, and the camaraderie among team members has strengthened, reflecting the success of the training program.

Future Outlook:

As the training camp progresses, the Punjab Lacrosse Association remains committed to nurturing a competitive team that will proudly represent the province in the 1st National Women Lacrosse Championship. The ongoing efforts aim not only to participate but to excel and contribute to the growth and recognition of women’s lacrosse in Pakistan.

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