In a spirited initiative, Mrs. Sumaira Khurram, the Senior Vice President of the Pakistan Lacrosse Federation (PLF), orchestrated a transformative introductory lacrosse workshop/clinic at the esteemed Army Public School Girls Campus. This event, under the guidance of Mrs. Sumaira Khurram, who also serves as the President of the Women Lacrosse Association, unfolded as a dynamic amalgamation of learning, practical engagement, and friendly competition.

The Lacrosse Workshop: A Symphony of Learning and Play

The workshop commenced with a riveting lecture by Mrs. Sumaira Khurram, unraveling the intricacies and nuances of lacrosse. Participants, numbering 20 enthusiastic individuals, were not only treated to theoretical insights but also engaged in practical sessions designed to instill the fundamental skills of this dynamic sport.

Practical Drills: Crafting Skills, Building Foundations

Mrs. Sumaira Khurram led the participants through a series of practical drills aimed at honing essential lacrosse skills. From stick handling and ball control to passing and catching techniques, each drill contributed to building a strong foundation for the participants.

Friendly Game: Applying Knowledge in Action

The pinnacle of the workshop unfolded with a friendly lacrosse game, where two teams passionately showcased their newfound skills. The game served not only as a celebration of acquired knowledge but also as a testament to the camaraderie fostered through the sport.

Encouragement for Continued Learning: Online Lacrosse Course

Mrs. Sumaira Khurram passionately encouraged the participants to embark on a journey of continuous learning through an online course available on This platform offers a comprehensive course outline covering various facets of lacrosse, ensuring that the learning experience extends beyond the confines of the workshop.

Course Outline: Lacrosse Basic Workshop / Clinic

Module 1: Introduction to Lacrosse

  • Overview of Lacrosse
  • Brief History and Evolution
  • Importance of Lacrosse in Pakistan

Module 2: Fundamental Skills

  • Stick Handling and Ball Control
  • Passing and Catching Techniques
  • Shooting Fundamentals
  • Defensive Strategies and Positioning
  • Goalkeeping Basics

Module 4: Physical Conditioning

  • Strength Training for Lacrosse
  • Endurance and Cardiovascular Fitness
  • Speed and Agility Drills
  • Injury Prevention and Recovery

Module 5: Interactive Sessions

  • Live Webinars with Expert Coaches
  • Q&A Sessions and Player Feedback
  • Virtual Skill Clinics and Demonstrations

Conclusion: A Lacrosse Legacy in the Making

The lacrosse workshop at Army Public School Girls Campus, under the visionary leadership of Mrs. Sumaira Khurram, stands as a testament to the commitment of PLF in fostering the growth of lacrosse in Pakistan. Beyond the skills imparted and the games played, the event symbolized the beginning of a lacrosse legacy—a legacy that Mrs. Sumaira Khurram continues to champion for a brighter and more inclusive future for lacrosse enthusiasts.

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