Punjab Lacrosse Association

About Us:

Welcome to the Punjab Lacrosse Association, a dynamic entity dedicated to the advancement and popularization of lacrosse in the vibrant province of Punjab. With a commitment to excellence, we strive to promote the sport, develop athletes, and create a thriving lacrosse community.

Our Role:

1. Promotion of Lacrosse:

  • Description: The Punjab Lacrosse Association is at the forefront of promoting lacrosse as a sport of choice in the province. Through strategic initiatives, we aim to raise awareness and cultivate interest in lacrosse.

2. Athlete Development:

  • Description: Our association is deeply committed to the development of lacrosse athletes. We provide comprehensive training programs, coaching, and competitive opportunities to nurture talent and foster a culture of excellence.

3. Organizing Lacrosse Events:

  • Description: From local tournaments to provincial championships, we take pride in organizing a variety of lacrosse events. These competitions serve as platforms for players to showcase their skills and passion for the game.

4. Community Engagement:

  • Description: We believe that lacrosse is not just a game; it’s a community. The Punjab Lacrosse Association actively engages with local communities, promoting inclusivity and creating a sense of belonging.

Key Office Bearers:

1. Barrister Adnan Ahsan Khan – President

  • Contact: 00923338335223
  • Description: Barrister Adnan Ahsan Khan, as the President, provides visionary leadership, steering the association towards new heights in the realm of lacrosse.

2. Miss. Maham Tariq – Secretary General

  • Contact: 00923125250712
  • Description: Miss. Maham Tariq, our Secretary General, plays a pivotal role in coordinating and facilitating the association’s activities, ensuring seamless operations.

3. Miss. Mahnoor Abid – Finance Secretary

  • Contact: 00923469195106
  • Description: Miss. Mahnoor Abid, as the Finance Secretary, meticulously manages financial matters, ensuring transparency and the sustainable growth of lacrosse initiatives.

Get Involved:

Join us in the exciting world of lacrosse! Whether you’re an aspiring athlete, a seasoned player, or a supporter of the sport, there’s a place for you in the Punjab Lacrosse Association. Stay connected for updates on events, training sessions, and community outreach.

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