Gilgit Baltistan Lacrosse Association

Welcome to the official platform of the Gilgit Baltistan Lacrosse Association, a pioneering force in promoting lacrosse across the stunning landscapes of Gilgit Baltistan. As advocates for the sport, we are dedicated to creating opportunities, fostering talent, and building a robust lacrosse community in the region.

About Us:

The Gilgit Baltistan Lacrosse Association stands at the forefront of lacrosse development, embracing the unique spirit of the region. We strive to provide a platform where lacrosse enthusiasts can connect, play, and contribute to the growth of this dynamic sport.

Key Office Bearers:

4. Mr. Abid Hussan – President

  • Contact: 00923469583217
  • Mr. Abid Hussan, our President, leads with a vision to elevate lacrosse in Gilgit Baltistan, inspiring players and enthusiasts alike.

5. Mr. Muhammad Ejaz – Sr. Vice President

  • Contact: 00923485930882
  • Mr. Muhammad Ejaz, our Sr. Vice President, brings experience and commitment, playing a key role in the association’s strategic direction.

6. Mr. Hassnain Ejaz – Secretary General

  • Contact: 00923487997593
  • Mr. Hassnain Ejaz, our Secretary General, is dedicated to ensuring the smooth coordination of lacrosse activities in the region.

7. Mr. Muhammad Zulqarnain – Finance Secretary

  • Contact: 00923485562470
  • Mr. Muhammad Zulqarnain, our Finance Secretary, manages the financial aspects, ensuring transparency and sustainability.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to make lacrosse an integral part of the cultural and sporting fabric of Gilgit Baltistan. Through collaboration, education, and spirited competition, we aim to create an environment where lacrosse thrives, and players reach their full potential.

Join the Lacrosse Movement:

Discover the thrill of lacrosse with the Gilgit Baltistan Lacrosse Association. Whether you’re an experienced player or a curious beginner, there’s a place for you in our growing lacrosse family. Stay tuned for events, tournaments, and initiatives that celebrate the spirit of the game.

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